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Free Sample Pack

SAMPLE PACK IS FREE pay for freight only...average complete packed weight is 350-450gms (depending on availability of products)

The sample pack includes individually packed samples of Sprout Mixes with instructions, Nuts, Caribbean Fruit & Nuts, Bird Pellets (depending on availability) and a Product Price list.

We will dispatch as soon as possible. We send heaps out, so please bare with us if there is a delay as these take time to pack. SMS, call on 0407449339 or email  info@absolutelynuts.com.au anytime.

YOU REALLY SHOULD TRY THE SPROUT MIXES AND CARIBBEAN YOURSELF as well as your birds, they are truly amazing and deliciously healthy, here's a few ideas...

Caribbean is great as a muesli, with icecream, yoghurt, add melted REAL chocolate and make into an amazing slice or just much on it all by itself as a snack anywhere, anytime.

Sprouts are great in salads, in vegie smoothies and on sangers.

Try before you buy!

There ingredients are some of what goes into the sample packs.

Sample Pack is FREE - pay for freight only
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